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Great to see you're interested in taking care of your website

Care plans are available only to our current customers

Care plans

Your websites need looking after when they are released.

Unless you want them to turn into one of those sites that still port a visitor counter. Of course the main point is to keep the sites up to date for visitor safety and user experience.

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If your website is hosted at Kinsta you'll get a fixed 10€ discount for better and best care plans, because we know that with Kinsta your hosting side is in order and the maintenance of pages will be quick and easy.

If your website is hosted at Seravo you'll get a fixed 10€ discount for better and best care plans, because we know that with Kinsta your hosting side is in order and the maintenance of pages will be quick and easy.

Basic plan features

Cloudflare is used on more than 20,000,000 websites worldwide, and Cloudflare’s customers include many well-known companies, such as IBM, Norwegian, HubSpot, Zendesk, Hubspot and Eurovision.

Cloudflare’s CDN is a contenct delivery network service where the cache of static parts of your website is downloaded and distributed from hundreds of servers as quickly as possible to the site visitor, depending on their location. Static content can be anything that doesn’t change often and appears the same to all visitors. This therefore covers most parts of any home page. Dynamic content that changes according to the user or events, is downloaded from your own server. Cloudflare also increases site security. They have more than 170 different data centers around the world. Finland has its own data center in Helsinki

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Cloudflare is included in all our care plans.

We’ll update all critical and security-critical updates that come to our attention immediately.
The most common causes of site security issues are:

  • poor hosting service, its vulnerabilities and poor security
  • outdated or unsafe themes
  • outdated or unsafe add-ons
  • weak passwords

Otherwise, with certain updates, it’s smart to wait a moment for all the other parts on the pages to catch up on the update. Often page problems are due to automatic updates or too fast an update frequency.

Included in all our care plans.

Backups are really important. If your site breaks, which can happen for a number of different reasons, then they can be restored to their former glory from backups. The frequency and retention time of the backup determine how far back you can go.

Many hosting providers make automatic backups of your pages, which is a great. However, if your service provider keeps your backup for two weeks, then what happens when your site is hacked and you don’t react to it after two weeks?
Malicious code may already be present in all automatic backups. Automatic backups are stored on the server.
What if something happens to the server?

We back up all the content of your website and database according to the schedule of the care plan and keep them safe in a different location than your website. We’ll keep your backups from 3 months to a full year. You can also receive backups for yourself upon request. Great isn’t it?

If you add content frequently or you have an online store, then you should order maintenance with daily backups so that important data or customer order loss is minimal, in the event of a possible page backup restoration.

In the basic care plan, we’ll back up the pages and databases on a weekly basis. We will keep all backups for 2 months from the date of saving.

*In a better set, we’ll back up your pages and your database daily. We maintain monthly backups for 6 months of storage and other backups for 30 days from the save date.

*In our fabulous best site care set, we’ll back up your pages and database in many different ways, just in case!

– two times a day (or if you really want to make sure not to lose data, for and additional fee we can create a backup even every hour)

– monthly

– we’ll keep monthly backups for full 12 months and other backups for 30 days from their save dates.

Our monthly report is done manually. It’s not an automated report, but we go through the most important aspects of your pages and give you a good short overall view of the actions taken and proposed improvements to your website according to the maintenance service you have subscribed to. We want to make sure your pages get better as they get older.

The report is included in all our care plans. Their content varies depending on the care plan level.

We provide suggestions for various areas of basic maintenance activities within the time saved. You will receive a price estimate or offer for suggestions for improvement, depending on their nature. It is good to remember that websites have a lifespan of up to 2-3 years if they are not actively maintained and updated. Otherwise, you’ll just postpone a bigger decline into the future when the technology around the pages evolves quickly or you risk your pages no longer being attractive and producing the desired results.

Included in all our care plans.

SEO report tells you about all the aspects that affect the search engine optimization of your website. Roughly, the sub-areas can be divided into the technology, content, and external factors of the pages. A big part is the technical performance of the pages. Technical performance is closely related to the money spent on hosting and its quality.

Google doen’t like slow pages. The content, titles and content tags of your site made according to best practices is also very important. You could write your own article about this, but the web is already full of them. Google it! 😉

We guarantee that you know the current state of search engine optimization of your website with the report and how it can be improved. With better care plans, we also improve them monthly for you.

The SEO report is included in all our care plan. As your site SEO (search engine optimization) improves, your webpages will be better for both search engines and visitors.

In the better and best care plans, the free development time included in the price can, at our discretion, also be used to improve these things.

Added goodies in better and best care plans

No unnecessary questions or other waste of your valuable time.

We look at what in your site should optimized or improved and just do it. Your websites will improve over time automatically for you and make sure that your pages improve as they age.

In the better care plan, you always get 0.5 hours of automatic improvements to your site every month based on our improvement analysis.

In the best care plan, you’ll get an hour of improvements to your website every month. In that time, a surprisingly lot can be done and over time all the small improvements quickly turn into producing noticeable results.

We always recommend two-step authentication and always build our websites according to best practices as much as possible. However, it’s always possible for malware to get onto your site or them to be compromised for example if you use weak credentials. Sometimes attacks also occur, even if the pages are protected no matter how well. It’s just the way it is.

We’ll scan your website and report the results if there’s something noteworthy. If we find something alarming or anything that needs to be fixed with small updates, we’ll fix the situation automatically at the same time. The security scans analyze your core files, themes, and add-ons, checking them for vulnerabilities. We also scan the pages for malware and possible viruses.

This feature is included in our better care plans because the pages have a sufficient backup frequency for possible restore of the pages if they cannot be cleaned up by malware and need to be restored.

In a better care plan, we scan your page once a month at the same time with writing your care plan report.

In the best care plan, we scan your pages every week. We’ll notify you separately if anything that needs to be addressed is encountered during the scans.

Do you add links to your pages? Of course and you should. Over time, however, the websites you link to will change their own page structure, delete content, or cease to exist altogether.

We analyze all internal and external links on your website. We’ll make clear small corrections to links immediately at no extra charge and in the event of a larger situation with them, we’ll let you know and suggest corrections to be made.

Link analysis is included in better and best care plans.

We’ll receive a notification if your site goes down, which means the server isn’t responding. This can happen for a number or reasons and is often temporary and not that important. However it may also be indication of bad hosting or problems with the website or server. We’ll bother you with the information if we judge it important and identify a rea l issue that needs to be adressed.

Absolutely awesome that you haven’t created your pages, just so they can exist and realize that the lifespan of a website is limited if left alone. An hour a month isn’t enough to keep your pages up to speed and you want to keep adding new and better features and content.

The best care plan ensures that your pages improve over time slowly with a monthly hour of free page development. Of course, the plan includes many other important things as well. The extra discount is especially good when you know you want to develop your website beyond the one-hour-per-month pages or wish to improve your business with graphics or marketing. The discount applies to all of our work, not just websites.

In our best care plan, you get a 10% discount on all additional work for your website, during an active best care plan. Discount applies to all work charges, but of course not to any of the third-party license or similar charges that may be included in a project.