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vanha mies lukee kirjaa
vanha mies lukee kirjaa
A great question that is not easy to answer. We have met with several providers. All the most popular are practically good choices and your store's payment traffic will flow smoothly, no matter which one you choose.

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A great question that is not easy to answer. We’ve met with several online payment providers. Most of the most popular providers and online payment methods are good and your store’s payment traffic will be fine, whatever option you choose here. There are many different brokers and they can also be installed in parallel in an online store. However, for the sake of clarity and sales reports, we usually recommend that you choose one broker if your online store focuses on selling only in Finland. In international trade, more brokers are a good idea.

We are a partner of Paytrail, the former Finnish online payments company, and are therefore happy to recommend them. Paytrail offers clear pricing and is affordable especially when your ecommerce sales are up and running. However, we also use the following online payment providers: Klarna, Bambora, Stripe, PayPal and Checkout Finland.

Flexibility is worthwhile, and nothing prevents you from choosing a monthly free service for your new e-commerce start-up and later switching it to a monthly fee as e-commerce has grown with lower transactional (or transactional) costs. However, for example, the € 59 monthly fee charged by Paytrail for all payment methods and clear other costs should not be a problem for an ecommerce that is supposed to be profitable.

We’ll help you make a decision that will be influenced not only by the costs but also by the best e-commerce platform used on your website. We usually install either Woocommerce or Ecwid on your home page, whichever is better for you, and at the same time we can consider the right online payment provider. But of course we can also use for example Shopify.

However, you can use these quick links to check out the pricelist of our preferred payment agents. If we end up with PayTrail, we’ll take care of all the installation for you. PayTrail installation also includes a free trial for a month and making the contract for you.

Ps. We only recommend providers that offer multiple payment options at once, from which the customer can choose the best one for them.

Paytrail (formerly Suomen Verkkomaksut) website:

Paytrail pricing:

Checkout Finland website:

Checkout Finland pricing:

Klarna Checkout website:

Klarna Checkout pricing:

PayPal-website (PayPal in Finland is only recommended as an alternative payment method) :

PayPal pricing:

We recommend a service provider that suits your site best and are happy to give you the best options in our opinion. Send a message or give us a call and let’s see what we can come up with.

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