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Google Web Vitals measures page speed and user experience

The purpose of Google's Core Web Vitals values is to give the search engine an overall picture of how good the analyzed websites are? The more technically your pages are in Google’s mind, the higher they will rise in search results and Google recommendations.

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It’s important to Google that it favors pages that work well, are fast to use, and offer a good user experience. Google Core Web Vitals is a new tool that allows you to check if your own pages are on the search engine’s mind. Web vitals values can be tested with many different analysis tools.

Web Vitals values are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Interaction wait time (FID – First Input Delay)
  • How much and how often the content of the pages moves during the loading of the pages (CLC – Cumulative Layout Shift)

LCP – Largest Contentful Paint

The LCP value tells you in seconds how long the maximum content on the pages loads. For example, if a page has a large image that takes longer to load than other content, then the LCP value is measured in the loading time of that image. An LCP object can be just about anything else. For example, an embedding element placed on the sides.

The value of our own website LCP is an excellent 0.7 seconds on the first visit and 0.6 seconds on the already cached visit. According to Google, a download speed faster than 2.5 seconds is a great result.

FID – First Input Delay

In practice, FID means, for example, how long it takes for a user to open a form from a button or go to another page. In practice, it refers to the waiting time after a user’s action before the interaction takes effect. In real life, FID is an important value. If it’s too high, then the user may suspect, for example, that a button or navigation on the website is broken and may leave your site.

The FID value is also closely related to TBT (Total Blocking Time). TBT as a whole tells you the time when the site is not available during the download period.

In measurement, the TBT of our own pages is excellent in less than 0.09 seconds. Thus, the user receives lightning-fast feedback on his actions on the website, and he does not have to wait or doubt the operation of the pages. The separate measured FID value is slightly at the magnificent level of about 50 milliseconds, depending on the subpage viewed and the interaction.

CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift

How many things and how much they move on the website unexpectedly during loading and use? They shouldn’t move very much. CLS sums all layout changes that should not occur during operation. The figure is, of course, indicative, as it can be difficult for a tool to measure intentional changes and distinguish them from outright problems. However, the purpose of the meter is to tell you if there are problems with the pages, such as jumping to a menu, search, or some other element. In practice, such a problem could be, for example, if the user scrolls down the page in the background when the user clicks the menu or some other thing that affects the correct user experience.

The CLS average of our own pages is 0, which means that there is no unexpected or faulty jerk / element movement.

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In addition to just speed and search engine optimization of websites, it is now important to optimize the user experience of the pages, for which, of course, speed is one big factor. However, the purpose of Core Web Vitals’ values is also to measure the other values discussed in this article and to give the search engine an overall picture of how good the analyzed websites are.

The more technically your pages are in Google’s mind, the higher they will rise in search results and Google recommendations. In addition to the technical side, of course, the content must be attractive and SEO friendly.

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