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Company logo – Sirkkatukku

logo yritykselle sirkkatukku värillinen
logo yritykselle sirkkatukku värillinen
We always make company logos in different forms so they can be used in most situations without extra work. Logo is an important asset for a company.

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Sirkkatukku produces food from crickets (sirkka in Finnish). They needed a logo based on an original drawing, which needed to be close to the original drawing.

We always make logos for companies in many different forms, as also in this case, so they can be used in as many (if not all) situations without the need to order new files. Everything you need is delivered at once. This company logo was made in both color and black and white versions as vector files and image files.

In practice a vector file means you can increase its size indefinitely without any loss of quality. So it doesn’t pixelate in the same way as image files. Image files are used mainly online or when vectors cannot be used for any reason. Vector files are the recommended file format for all professional printing works.

Need a new logo for your business? Contact us and we’ll make a great logo for you at a reasonable price. Of course we’ll also send it in most forms you’ll ever need. A good, quality logo is often one of the most important things for a company.

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