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Email deliverability

Emails are not automatically delivered to the recipient’s inbox instead of the spam folder. Nothing is more frustrating than, for example, buying a product from an online store and then digging up confirmation from spam.

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Auts provides targeted and functional first aid training for the workplace on a turnkey basis. First aid training can also be arranged remotely.

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WordPress 5.7 new features

WordPress 5.7 is the first big update of the year. What does it all bring? Lots of things, but here are a few essential things especially important for the sites we create.

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Diversitas -new website

“The leader must not be left alone.” Sari’s view is essential for a leader to understand that the difference in personalities that Sari calls diversity is a tremendous wealth when properly understood and utilized.

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Happy holidays!

Christmas article and so early? I want to write a Christmas wish already now because our clients still have enough time to get involved and make a valuable donation for the benefit of children.

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PHP 8.0 news

PHP 8.0 version is available and support for PHP 7.2 version has ended. We don’t recommend switching to PHP 8.0 yet, as not all features or plugins for WordPress are not yet supported.

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Comet in Moominvalley

I’ve done a lot of work © Moomin Characters and Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and with this Moomin product the story is particularly interesting.

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ELLIn verkkokaupan kaupan pääsivun kuva

ELLI Early Learning – a new online store

The tagline of ELLI Early Learning Oy is that everyone learns with the right tools. With the new lively online store, I hope that buying these important games and other educational tools will be a memorable experience for education professionals.

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Websites in danger? No worries.

Before getting more questions, let’s say the problem concerns vulnerable sites without proper maintenance. So there is nothing to worry about for our website care plan customers. The widely reported add-on is not active on any of our hosted sites unless you’ve activated it yourself.

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PayTrail Ecommerce Report 2020

PayTrail has released its new annual eCommerce platform report. For this short article I’ve put together a few things especially our customers in mind. A total of 508 online merchants responded to the PayTrail survey.

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